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Experiences of students

  • Fundamentals of Electric Circuits : I had a health issue in my early  intermediate second Yr, due to which one of the biggest topics – Electricity, was missed by me.  I was a total newcomer for the topic and diving into engineering without basic knowledge was a nightmare.  But, Hema mam made me a champion in just 3 months.  I was able to face the exam confidently and am now able to solve critical problems and also guide my juniors.  So, Hema mam made me A grade student in the subject.
  • Semiconductors is the backbone of ECE and is a totally new topic to understand.  With the way the subjects are taught in college, it’s hard for any student to at least understand the subject and get through the exam.  This topic continues all thru the engineering and it is highly important that students get in depth knowledge of the subject.  Raj sir is extremely good at imparting the kind of knowledge that motivates the student to learn deep. Thanks to  Raj sir once again.
  • I took a Microcontrollers course from VDelta Education. Before joining this course I had questions in mind that for a subject like microcontrollers which has both hardware and coding involved , will the online course work or not?  The day I joined the class and till the last day I was learning new things in each and every class and my trainer ensures that you understand the course properly and gives some assignments. By solving those we get a good grip on that subject and I am very happy after taking the course and getting to know new things as I move forward.